Terraria: Mobile Wiki

​Bats are common flying enemies. They follow the Bat AI, randomly flying around and bumping into things while trying to make contact with the player.

Pre Hardmode Bats:

Cave Bat: Common Cavern/Underground enemy

Jungle Bat: Common Jungle enemy

Hellbat: Common Underworld enemy

Ice Bat: Common Underground Snow enemy, inflicts Chilled and rarely Frozen on impact

Hardmode Bats:

Giant Bat: Common Cavern enemy, inflicts Confused on impact

Illuminant Bat: Common Underground Hallow enemy

Lava Bat: Common Underworld enemy

Slimer: Corruption enemy, changes form into a Slime when health is depleted

Giant Flying Fox: common Jungle enemy, only spawns at night in place of Derpling

Vampire: Solar Eclipse enemy, pursues player as bat and changes into humanoid form when near.