Ocram (Boss)
Ocram's 2 Stages
Ocram's 2 Stages
Type Hardmode Boss
Health 35,000
Attack 1
Defense 20
Drops 10 GoldCoin1.3.gif

Soul of Blight.png Soul of Blight 5-16,25

Mobile only.png
15-24 (100%) File:Soul Of Might.png Soul Of Might 20-290 (100%) Adamantite Ore.png Adamantite Ore 10-368 (100%) Greater Mana Potion .png Greater Mana Potion 15-30 (100%) Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

Dragon_armor.png Dragon Armor 3 pieces (11%)

Titan_armor.png Titan Armor 3 pieces (11%)

Spectral_armor.png Spectral Armor 3 pieces (210.211%)

Arrow.png Spectral Arrow ~28 (100%)

Ocram Trophy.png Ocram Trophy (10%)

Ocram Mask.png Ocram Mask Console_only.png (14.29%)

Ocram is a Hardmode Boss that can be summoned using the Suspicious Looking Skull (not to be confused with the Mechanical Skull).

Ocram is a Console / 3DS exclusive boss he was removed on mobile 1.3.


Ocram spawns minions, similar to those spawned by the Eye of Cthulhu or The Destroyer but these spawn during its second phase as well.

Phase 1

Ocram attacks by firing red lasers and charging at the player alongside spewing Servants of Ocram.

Phase 2

During its second phase, Ocram attacks by charging at the player. Its laser changes to a blue, more powerful version and and sprays them at you. It also fires a wave of Demon Scythes.


  • Ocram was the hardest Terraria Mobile Boss, until 1.3 when Moonlord was added.
  • Ocram spelled backward is Marco, Ocram's programmer.


Ocram animated.gif

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