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The Twins (Boss)
The Twins
"This is going to be a terrible night..."
Type Hardmode Boss
Health  ?9000 Heart
Attack  ??
Defense  ??
Drops 100% Chance

GoldCoin Small 12

Soul of Sight Soul of Sight 20-40 (100%)

Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar 15-30 (100%)

Retinazer Trophy Retinazer Trophy (10%)

Spazmatism Trophy Spazmatism Trophy (10%)

Retinazer (Boss)
Type Hardmode Boss
Health 20000 Heart
Attack 20 (Eye Laser)

45 (Melee)

Defense 10
Drops None

Spazmatism (Boss)
Type Hardmode Boss
Health 23000 Heart
Attack 25 (Cursed Flame)

50 (Melee)

Defense 10
Drops None

Retinazer (Second Form) (Boss)
Retinazer (Second Form)
Retinazer (second Form)
Type Hardmode Boss
Health 8000/20000 Heart
Attack 25 (Death Laser)

20 (Death Laser (Rapid Fire)) 45 (Melee)

Defense 25
Drops None

Spazmatism (Second Form) (Boss)
Spazmatism (Second Form)
Type Hardmode Boss
Health 9000/23000 Heart
Attack 30 (Eye Fire)

50 (Melee)

Defense 35
Drops None

The Twins are a Hardmode Boss that are the Hardmode and mechanical versions of the Eye of Cthulhu. They are made of two parts: Retinazer and Spazmatism. They can be summoned with a Mechanical Eye, or randomly at night on a hardmode world where The Twins have not been defeated.


Before their second stages, Retinazer and Spazmatism look very alike except for the their eye color which Spazmatism's eyeball is green while Retinazer's is red.

During their second stages, Retinazer's eye turns into a laser while Spazmatism's eye turns into a big mouth like that of the Eye of Cthulhu.



In the first phase, Retinazer will shoot lasers at the player and at some point will begin it will begin to charge at you. In the second phase, it shoots death lasers at the firing speed of a Megashark. These lasers are rather inaccurate. Also it stops charging.


In the first phase, Spazmatism will shoot you with cursed fireballs and it will also charge at you. In the second phase, instead of shooting it will breathe out the cursed flames and is shortened if under water. Unlike Retinazer it will continue to charge at you.


  • Retinazer's name is a "portmanteau" of retina, a part of the eye, and laser.
  • Spazmatism's name is a "portmanteau" of astigmatism, an eye disorder, and spasm, which means to twitch uncontrollably.
  • The Twins are the only Hardmode Mechanical Boss that has phases and is also the only mechanical Boss that doesn't initially resemble to be mechanical in the first phase.
  • It could be a reference to Super Mario, as Mario resembles Retinazer being red and Luigi resembles Spazmatism being green.


Twins Boss