Weapons are items that can be used to damage/hurt enemies. They can be melee, ranged, or magic, and the damage they do varies from weapon to weapon. Though most Weapons can be crafted, some are only dropped by enemies or found in chests.


Melee weapons can be divided into four main categories: Swords, Spears, Flails, and Boomerangs. Melee weapons do not use any sort of ammunition or mana, and can be used indefinitely.


Ranged weapons can be divided into four main categories: Bows, Guns, Repeaters, and Throwing Weapons. Ranged weapons require ammunition of the correct type to use. Throwing Weapons are consumed rather than used. 


Magic weapons use Mana to attack. Mana is “healed” by itself or by using Mana Potions. They can be stronger,

and are divided by different categories: Ranged, Melee, Throwing, and Summoning.


  • The best Pre-Hardmode weapon is the Night's Edge.
  • The best Hardmode sword is the Terra Blade. (The most damaging weapon as of 1.2.8631 is the Coin Gun. The second is the Sniper Rifle. The flarion and Paladin's Hammer are tied for third place. Lastly, the Terra Blade is in fourth place. However, the Coin Gun can only achieve first place if it is used with Platinum coins . It is reccomended that the player does not use this as a primary weapon, as to save loads of money.)